The assembled caucus of the Hampton Democratic Committee scheduled for Saturday, April 16 at 12:00 p.m. at West Hampton Community Center, 1638 Briarfield Road, Hampton, VA is hereby CANCELLED for the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts. There were more delegate positions available than we had pre-filing submittals.

There remain openings for 2 delegates and 1 alternate for Bernie Sanders in the 3rd Congressional District and 1 alternate for Bernie Sanders in the 2nd Congressional District.

We will continue to accept pre-filing forms to fill the slots on a first filed, first filled basis until all slots are filled or until April 15 at 5 pm. At that point we will close applications in order to prepare to submit a final list of delegates to the 2nd and 3rd Congressional Democratic Committees and the Democratic Party of Virginia. The original call to caucus remains on our web site for your reference.

Thanks to all who will serve as delegates.

HDC Co-Chair Jim Avery

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